• Sewing machine spare parts

    Sewing machine spare parts

    We have been supplying spare parts for sewing machines for over 30 years. 

    For us, our customers, as a unique business partner, partnership means relieving multiple suppliers of the constant search for spare parts for sewing machines.

    For this reason, our product portfolio includes a very extensive range. Currently have more than 300,000 articles from well-known manufacturers such as Pfaff, Dürkopp Adler, Fortuna, Juki, Strobel, Albeko, Brother and many more in the permanent product range. We can very quickly fullfill all of the wishes from our customers and can deliver the parts very fast. The access to numerous suppliers also guarantees the best pricing for all sewing machine spare parts. In our production we manufacture a large number of spare parts and products ourselves. This feature makes us to the specialist in sewing machine spare parts industry.

    The constantly high stock availability of spare parts  and the constantly order acceptance for spare parts during the week mean that many articles can be delivered at the same day. Our logistics processes are highly standardized and still leave scope for individual special and express deliveries. 

    Our customer service is fully trained and we have long year experience. We always find the right and high quality spare part for your requirements. Trust in BeKa - trust in our experience.

    We deliver highquality spare parts worldwide on favorable terms.